Volunteering organisations

We extend our sincere thanks to all the many hours of work put in to the Park by all our regular volunteer organisations.  Without your help, achieving our vision would be impossible!

Community Groups

Central Bayside Community Health Services – New Environmental Directions

In conjunction with the EcoCentre, we host a group of about 15 adults with minor intellectual disabilities from Bayside Community Health who volunteer their time in the Park each fortnight.  They have been coming for around 8 years and are easily our most consistent and skilled volunteers.  During that time they have made a significant contribution to our revegetation program.  Our own volunteers really look forward to the next visit from NED!

Good Shepherd

Rotary Southbank

Rotary Stonnington

Volunteering Victoria


Camberwell Grammar School

Footscray City Primary

Murray Mallee Training

Rosamond Special School

Swinburne Prahran


15 Trees


Conservation Volunteers Australia partners us, as it does individuals, businesses and governments around the world, to support participation of volunteers in protecting and enhancing the natural environment.  For a number of years now, CVA have brought teams of volunteers, a team leader and a vehicle to work in the Park. CVA volunteers come from the corporate sector, local volunteers and international visitors prepared to volunteer while in Melbourne.

Our partnership with CVA has been and still is a great help in our enormous and ongoing task of transforming the Park into the biodiversity ‘gem’ for which we won the Landcare award.

CVA’s contact details:  Address: 162 Adderley Street, West Melbourne Vic 3003 (offices also in Hamilton, Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat) Phone: 03 9326 8250  Email: melbourne@conservationvolunteers.com.au

Cool Australia

Greening Australia

Living Trees

People & Parks Foundation


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