Flowering Now

Acacia suaveolens - Sweet Wattle (22)
Bossiaea cinerea - Showy Bossiaea (48)
Epacris impressa - Common Heath (13)
Epacris impressa - Common Heath (14)
Leucopogon ericoides - Pink Beard Heath (12)

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Port land handover

New parkland on river bank (7)

A substantial area of Port land has now been opened up for public use by the Port of Melbourne and extends the Port-owned land along the Yarra River that is effectively part of the Park. This was a tradeoff strongly argued for by the Friends in compensation for the land excised at Todd Road for a new road from the Port … [Read More...]

Imogen’s blog – stories


There is always so much going on at Westgate Park, in both the natural world and amongst the people who care for it. Every person who has worked there has stories about the place. Whether it’s finding a nesting blue tongue lizard in the compost, or George’s interspecies awkward moment with a snake, … [Read More...]

Bird Survey Aug 2015

The survey started in grey windy weather, but a Pied Currawong flying across the park was a cheering sight, as was a Little Eagle relentlessly pursued by Little Ravens. Numerous Superb Fairy-wrens and White-plumed and New Holland Honeyeaters indicated lots of activity in the bushland, but again wetland bird diversity and numbers were low. Slowly rising water levels in the freshwater lake may attract more birds over spring. On the other hand, the salt lake is still gloriously pink, whereas normally the colour has dissipated by now. Then, as the … [Read More...]