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Rubus parvifolius - Small Leaf Bramble, Native Raspberry (8)
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Park Discovery 21 Sept


Blessed with sunny spring weather, families, bike riders, walkers, beach patrollers, bird spotters, artists, historians, citizen scientists, river enthusiasts, planters and mulchers enjoyed the day.     … [Read More...]

Natural works of art 21 Sept


An assemblage of twigs, flowers, leaves and seeds on a bed of sand turned the soaring image of the bridge overhead into an ephemeral piece of art, thanks to Liz Milsom and those who helped. Liz works with the community to create images of places … [Read More...]

Discovering our birds 21 Sept

Purple Swamphen

Andrew McCutcheon was joined by an enthusiastic group on Sunday 21st and here is the survey report of the 43 species they saw or heard: Westgate Park Bird Walk - 21 Sept 14 and here are the interesting bits: An estimated four to five Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoos were … [Read More...]