Flowering Now

Melaleuca lanceolata – Moonah
Alisma plantago-aquatica – Water Plantain
Eucalyptus viminalis – Manna Gum
Eryngium ovinum – Blue Devil, Eryngo
Eryngium vesiculosum – Prickfoot

The greatest short film ever made…

The greatest short film ever made

See here for a new film, written and directed by Imogen Abernethy; a young filmmaker, ecologist and team leader with the Friends of Westgate Park. … [Read More...]

30 years in the making

30th birthday present

We were delighted when Minister Neville attended our 30th Anniversary of the Park celebration on Saturday 5th December and announced here that the strip of land to the west of the old railway line at the end of Wharf Road would be added to the Park. Along with this land, a section of the Yarra River bank, already revegetated by the Friends but also owned by … [Read More...]