Wildflowers in bloom

Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily (1)
Lotus australis var. australis - Austral Trefoil (1)
Dillwynia glaberrima - Heath or Smooth Parrot-pea (3)
Wahlenbergia stricta - Tall Bluebell (4)
Cynoglossum australe - Australian Hound's-tongue (1)

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Feb 2015 bird survey

Red-kneed Dotterels

This survey yielded a slightly higher species count than usual lately. Despite the park receiving 34 mm of rain in January, the levels of all lakes have steadily dropped. This may well have an impact on birds that dive for their food; for … [Read More...]

Pink Lake returns

Pink Salt Lake (4)

As far as we know, our salt lakes turn pink because of the natural interaction of a harmless, single cell green alga – Dunaliella salina - and an also harmless halobacterium – Halobacteria cutirubrum - in response to … [Read More...]

Cirque du Soleil volunteers

Cirque du Soleil 17 Feb 2015 (1)

On 17 Feb a very worldly team from Cirque du Soleil volunteered in the Park. Having seen them under the big tent a few days earlier (at their kind invitation) we were not surprised at their effortless pick weilding. We hope they enjoyed their Park workout as much as we … [Read More...]