Flowering Now

Acacia suaveolens - Sweet Wattle (22)
Bossiaea cinerea - Showy Bossiaea (48)
Epacris impressa - Common Heath (13)
Epacris impressa - Common Heath (14)
Leucopogon ericoides - Pink Beard Heath (12)

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L’Oreal Citizen Day


We were pleased to welcome such an enthusiastic crew of 50 volunteers in the Park from L'Oreal. They did a great job of mulching, planting and using hand saws to cut out some of the weedy paperbark trees which are not locally indigenous and will be replaced by plants that are. As the photos demonstrate, it was good fun … [Read More...]

Thanks for the pic, Ursula

Grey Butcher Bird

On occasion, visitors send us their photos of the Park. This one of a Grey Butcher Bird taken by Ursula on 23 July is a first. Our Bird Survey group last recorded a single Grey Butcher Bird in May but we did not until now have a photo. Ursula's find will be recorded on the next survey report as an 'Opportunistic Sighting'. Thanks … [Read More...]

George’s Tiger snake blog, 23 July

Large island on Freshwater Lake

Recently a small crew were brush cutting some dead kikuyu in the ‘untamed’ area beside the Westgate Bridge. A small tiger snake (about 200mm) reared up, hissed and flattened its neck, cobra style right at Imogen’s feet which shows that even during the coldest spells of … [Read More...]