Flowering Now

Banksia marginata - Silver Banksia, Warrock (1)
Moyporum parvifolium - Creeping Boobialla
Linum marginale - Native Flax, Wild Flax
Malva priessiana - Australian Hollyhock
Wahlenbergia communis - Tufted Bluebell (5)

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Swinburne students

Burnley students May 2015 1

Burnley Horticulture Campus of Melbourne Uni post grad students visited on Sunday 3rd May to look at our revegetation work. There is great scope for research projects in the Park and we hope this is the first of many such collaborations. … [Read More...]

First signs of fungi

Agaricus Xanthodermus - Yellow Stainer May 2015 (1)

Last autumn/winter very little fungi appeared in the Park but this year some species are appearing, despite the dry conditions again. We strongly warn against eating fungi from the Park. A number look like edible mushrooms but the first two photos here are of Agaricus … [Read More...]

George’s blog ‘Blue Stars’ 27/5/15

Chamaescilla corymbosa - Blue Stars

With autumn rains (limited as they have been), the plants that retreated over summer to bulbs, corms, tubers etc are beginning to break the surface. It is always fascinating to see what emerges especially after an above average dry spell. One of these plants is the … [Read More...]