Wildflowers in bloom

Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily (1)
Lotus australis var. australis - Austral Trefoil (1)
Dillwynia glaberrima - Heath or Smooth Parrot-pea (3)
Wahlenbergia stricta - Tall Bluebell (4)
Cynoglossum australe - Australian Hound's-tongue (1)

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Sandy heath field trip

The Green Army crew

The Green Army joined the Friends of Westgate Park on a field trip on 20 Oct looking at sandy heath vegetation 'in the wild' at Long Hollow Reserve, Beaumaris, Bunerong Reserve and Langwarrin Flora & Fauna Reserve, Frankston. Here … [Read More...]

BioBlitz 2014 comes to Westgate Park

Lamprima latreillii - Golden Green Stag Beetle (4)

On Saturday 15th Nov, citizens joined scientists from Museum Victoria at the Park to identify species and record their sightings on BowerBird.  Here are some of the team and the insects they found: This is one of over 50 guided … [Read More...]

Orphaned Ringtail Possums

Baby Ringtail Possum (1)

Two baby Ringtail Possums were discovered on the ground and rescued on Mon 6 Oct . The Barn Owl, seen in the same part of the Park recently, is possibly responsible for the demise of the parent/s.  Cute eh? … [Read More...]