Flowering now

Leptospermum laevigatum - Coast Tea-tree (8)
Myoporum insulare - Boobialla (2)
Geranium solanderi _ Austral Crane's Bill (4)
Acacia Brownei - Heath Wattle (2)
Allocasuarina verticillata - Coast or Drooping Sheoake (25)

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Red Gum recovery

New growth

The fierce winds on 2 October 2013 snapped and, in many cases, uprooted a number of mature trees in the Park.  The lovely big Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) not far from the BBQ shows how resilient our native species can be despite a very dry … [Read More...]

Fungi foray 25 May

Fungimap foray 25 May 2014

Our first fungi foray for 2014 was attended by 20 keen Fungimappers.  The soil is still a little dry for a good crop but nevertheless, 15 species were identified, including four target species, and records of our observations sent off to Fungimap. Two specimens of … [Read More...]

Pink lake fades

Pink lake (25)

As temperatures drop and rainfall increased, salt concentrations in the Saltwater Lake have reduced and our pink lakes are fading in intensity. Despite this the lake is still a big attraction for visitors and photographers.   As far as we know, our salt lakes turn … [Read More...]