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Rubus parvifolius - Small Leaf Bramble, Native Raspberry (8)
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Discover the Park, Open Day 21 Sept 11-3 program

Access Westgate Park via Lorimer St

Have you seen Westgate Park from the Bridge but never been there? Here's your chance to come and be shown some of the Park's unusual spots.  Access to activities is from end Lorimer Street (not Todd Road). Remember to bring your own water and picnic! There are … [Read More...]

Discover our plants, 1pm

Hibbertia fasciculata - Stalked or Bundled Guinea-flower (1)

Join us for a plant walk led by David Sparks from the St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Cooperative and discover the indigenous plants of this region,  many of which are in flower now. Find out what plants attract what and how to create habitat in … [Read More...]

Discover our Birds, 11.30am

Australasian Grebe

Come on a walk with our bird expert, Andrew McCutcheon, and spot some of over 140 bird species that are resident or visit the Park. The walk starts at the entrance at the end of Lorimer Street. Please let us know you are coming in the comments below. Here are the results … [Read More...]